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Appreciated By Our Customers.

Very motivated and hardworking team. Fun to work with and gets along well with everyone. very well handled, just submitted the planning application, and very Professionally done, Thank you Delta Design & Build Ltd.
Mr E. David
TESCO Manager
Great knowledge and reliability. I’m very pleased with service I received by DDB team and as well as my NHS discount. She provided all the papers I needed for my planning permission application. High recommend her. Thank you (Saeeda).
Mrs J. Grace
NHS Worker
Great engagement in rounds! You were always willing to speak up but respectful of others. Agreeable, it gives very friendly service complete the work on the schedule time. I am very happy, thank you.
Mr P. Murali
Good job on complicated cases. The overall approach was good. Amazing service delivered, in a timely fashion and at a very high standard. Will definitely work with them again! Thank you.
Mr C. Graham
Project Manager
Obviously very enthusiastic and interested in others’ suggestions, participated actively in discussions, and interacted well with the clients.
Mrs W. Shelley
Procurement Agent
Strong knowledge base mixed with great design & build common sense. A calm demeanour for clients means excellent client compliance. Would recommend and use it again!
Mrs J. Dakota
Web Designer
The DDB team's knowledge was outstanding. I am very satisfied with the service and would like to thank the team for their efforts .
Mr S. Albert
Finance Manager
I would also strongly encourage you to go with DDB. The planning application was submitted very quickly. It was a great pleasure to work with you guys.
Mr T. Charles
The team's foundational knowledge was perfect, and kept us informed of the progress every step of the way. Thank you so much.
Ms L. Michael
Customer Assistant
Good job... I found working with the DDB team a pleasure and their understanding of the planning process was awesome, love it!
Mr S. Shagun
Marketing Coordinator
The overall approach was good. The DDB team gave me a fast appraisal of the feasibility of my project, changing the design and saving me much time and money. Thank you so much, really appreciated it.
Mr E. Mathew
Software Engineer
Thank you Delta design & build ltd, you all worked hard on my project with clarity and determination. I will highly recommend to everyone.
Mrs M. Jessica
Sales Manager
Perfect, I am very happy with the service I received from the team. You were very efficient, emphatic and friendly. Many thanks.
Mrs C. Ozsev
Nursing Assistant
Awesome, a very hard working and professional team who got my planning permission obtained promptly for my house. Highly recommended.
Mr C. Alex
Virtual Assistant
The DDB team was very helpful, the private me with all the information I needed for my application. Very happy, thank you.
Mrs J. Cristina
Customer Service
Delta design & build has a professional structural engineering team. They provided me with the very provisional structural drawings and calculations my builder was so happy. Thank you, highly recommend it.
Mr N. Steven
Technical Support Specialist
Good job on complicated cases. very professional but also very personable, many many thanks.
Mr S. Aniel
Customer Care Associate
A great team with strong knowledge. Perfect design work and super quick. The team was always here to help us. Thank you.
Mrs A. Rebecca
Credit Counsellor
I felt very comfortable in this expertise. I would use their services again. They explained everything from the beginning of the project. Thank you.
Mr G. Mitch
The director has been most kind to me. His team gave me great services. I am very happy with the DDB. I will highly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.
Mr S. Simon
Payroll Manager
Very impressed by how they took care of my planning application and made it such a simple and easy process.Friendly, helpful and professional team. Thank you.
Mrs F. Diana
Finance Director